Tye Green Open Singles Rules & Regulations

Rules & Playing Conditions

1. A match with each player having four bowls will consist of two sets – each played over 7 ends. The winner of each set will be the player with the most shots at the completion of the 7th end. A set will be deemed to be completed (with advice from the marker or competition official if required) if at any point it becomes impossible for one player to draw or win the set given the number of ends remaining. The winner of the match being the better of two sets as described in rule 2 below. All rounds of the competition will be played over 2 sets plus a tie break if required, including the final.

2. The winner of each set shall receive 1 point, If the shots scored are tied after the last end of a set, the set will be drawn, scoring ½ a point per player. If the match is tied at two drawn sets or one set each, a best of 3 ends tie-break will be played to determine the winner. This will be the winner of each end and NOT the total number of shots won in the 3 ends. If at the completion of the deciding 3rd end of the match tie-break, the scores are equal, a 4th end will be played with each player delivering a single bowl to determine the winner. If opposing bowls are equal distance from the jack, they will be removed and further single bowls will be played to determine the winner. In any such fourth end, the jack, if hit off rink will be re-spotted as described in rule 7.

3. In all cases a “no score” end will count as an end.

4. Play will be in both directions. The player winning the toss shall have the choice of starting or giving away the jack in the first set. The loser of the toss shall have the choice of starting or giving away the jack in the second set, the winner of an end will start the next end in the same set.

5. In the match tie-break, the player winning the toss shall choose whether to take the jack or give it away in both the first & third ends (assuming a third end is required) or to take or give away the jack in the second end. In the event of a fourth end being required the player winning a “new” toss shall have the choice of starting or giving the jack away.

6. The player to start will select where to place the mat along the centre line of the rink and deliver the jack. A full length jack will be at the 2m T Mark from the 2m Mat Line, or from the 3m T Mark to the 3m Mat Line, this is dependant on each club deciding on 2m or 3m Ts.

7. In the event of the jack being hit off the rink it will be replaced at one of two predefined points on the rink, these points (spots) will be 300mm behind the 2m or 3m T Mark and half way between the centre line of the rink & the edge of the rink, the jack will be replaced on one of these spots prior to the next bowl being delivered or the end decided. If the jack is hit off the rink to the right, it will be positioned on the right hand predefined point. If the jack is hit off to the left, it will be positioned on the left hand predefined point. When the predefined point is occupied, the jack will be repositioned at the nearest available position along the line between the predefined points and the centre line of the rink, but not touching an obstructing bowl. In the third end of a match tie break (only) each player will be entitled to “kill” (or burn”) the end once, with the end being replayed. (Players must clearly declare to the marker their intention to kill the end prior to the delivery of each bowl). Unless such a prior declaration is made and in all other circumstance there will be no dead ends and the re-spot rule (no 7) will apply. If a club already has re-spots in an alternative place on the green then these spots do not have to be re-positioned and will be used instead of the above mentioned measurements.

8. The jack, when hit into the ditch within the rink width, will remain in play and not be repositioned.

9. Any bowl leaving the confines of the rink (except on delivery) and not a live toucher in the ditch will be deemed to be dead and immediately removed.

10. A live rebounding jack within the confines of the rink but less than the minimum of 20m from the front edge of the mat will be repositioned at the appropriate predefined point as described at rule 7.

11. Measurements between the Jack, including a repositioned jack, and the live bowls will be carried out in the normal manner, players may request the marker to measure or may call an umpire at their own descretion, an umpire’s decision is final.

12. Play will be continuous – a player may visit the head only after delivery of their third bowl. In very exceptional & limited circumstances such as at a key point in the game, a request to visit the head may be made to the marker, the marker must allow the players to visit the head once a request has been made. At this stage both players are entitled to visit the head but this must be together and without undue delay. After such an exceptional visit, both players must return to the mat at the same time, this rule is in place only to speed up proceedings and to keep the tournament running on schedule.

13. Any Full Set of 4 Matching Bowls from the same original set can be used and need not contain an in-date bowls stamp to be valid.

14. All players should report to the Tournament Organiser on arrival at the venue to book in.

15. There will be ni grace period for late arrivals under any circumstances. If players arrive late and miss their start time they will be eliminated as no show.

16. Coloured Bowls Stickers will be supplied to the host Club by Open Singles Circuit, “The Home” or first drawn player must play using Red Bowls Stickers and “The Away” or second drawn player must play using White Bowls Stickers. These will be issued to players on check in and subsequently before each round as required.

17. Dress shall be whites below the waist and any bowls shirt will be allowed. There will be no restrictions on sponsors logo sizes and/or locations on player’s shirts or  trousers/skirts.

18. Two trial ends (one in each direction) will be allowed prior to the start of each match.

19. In all cases where a dispute arises, and an umpire cannot rule, the Tournament Organiser’s decision shall be final.

20. Please take the time to check on local club rules in particular dress codes. Some clubs have a rule in place that prevents practice sessions in denim jeans or tracksuit bottoms!

21. If required to do so by the host club, all players must, once eliminated from the competition, be prepared to mark the next match on the rink on which their final match was played.

22. Each tournament will be played with a minimum of 48 players per event at the draw stage.